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Carlos Emmanuel Reyes Pineda


Experienced game designer/scripter looking to create dramatic gameplay for an action-driven title.



Infinity Ward, May 2010-Present
Call of Duty: Ghosts

Designed and scripted 3 single player campaign levels.

Into the Deep - The player and Keegan venture underwater to take down the ATLAS class destroyer defending the Federation factory. This level featured underwater combat, which was a first for the Call of Duty series.
- Designed and scripted the entire level from start to finish.
- Designed the underwater combat system for both players and AI. This system would later be repurposed for the game’s space levels (ODIN, LOKI).

No Man’s Land - The player and Hesh head into “No Man’s Land” to meet up with the Ghosts. This level featured Riley, the dog, as a unique gameplay and narrative element.
- Designed and scripted the entire level from start to finish.
- Designed the AI and gameplay system for Riley, this would later be used in other levels that featured Riley (Brave New World, Struck Down, Homecoming)

Prologue - The bombastic opening of the game puts the player in the middle of an ODIN strike that causes the ground to break apart as the player runs for survival.
- Polished the on foot section of the level.
- Created tools to help builders animate the movement of the ground.

Other achievements
- Created the outline for the single player campaign story.
- Implemented battlechatter in both single player and multiplayer.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Designed and scripted 2 single player campaign levels, as well as a SpecOps coop level

Eye of the Storm – The player accompanies Soap and Price as they sneak through the streets of Prague. This level featured heavy stealth and an oppressive tone inspired by “Children of Men”
- Designed and scripted the stealth sections of the level.

Down the Rabbit Hole – Delta squad and Price team up to rescue the Russian President. This level’s ending featured a dramatic escape in which the members of Delta squad sacrifice themselves to save the team.
- Designed and scripted the second half of the level with a fast turnaround time of 4 weeks.

Firewall - A cooperative mission where one player has to use turrets to defend the other player as he tries to reach the extraction point.
- Designed and scripted the entire mission, including the system for switching turrets



Schell Games, June 2008-May 2010
The Sum of All Thrills
- Scripted user interactions for a multi-touch table (Microsoft Surface)
- Worked on system for synchronizing user generated video with the ride system
Unannounced DS Title
- Designed and implemented game systems to integrate puzzle gameplay with storytelling
- Wrote tools for design and 2D animation in C#


Treyarch, June-December 2007
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows
- Designed and scripted persistent city missions
- Wrote preliminary design document for Vulture missions
- Prototyped gameplay mechanics using proprietary scripting language
Unannounced Console Title
- Designed and implemented missions to showcase driving, parkour and melee combat systems
- Wrote mission templates using proprietary scripting language


Ateneo Java Wireless, May 2004-Sepetember 2005
Game Designer/Programmer - Mobile Games
- Developed 2D game engine for mobile games
- Designed and programmed mobile games published under SMART Telecommunications in the Philippines



Carnegie Mellon University, Master of Entertainment Technology, Graduated May 2008
- Game Design:
Semester course desiging and analyzing classical games. Professor: Jesse Schell
- Buliding Virtual Worlds
Semester course creating interactive experiences in 2 week cycles. Professor: Randy Pausch, Jesse Schell
- Bandology
Semester project creating a casual MMOG focused on asynchronus, cooperative gameplay
Collaboration with Disney and Siemens to create an online educational game

Ateneo de Manila University, B.S. in Computer Science
Graduated March 2004



Video Games, Musical Theater, Dance, Comedy, Guitar, Soccer


Skills: Software: QERadiant, UnrealEd, Maya, 3DSMax, Sketch-Up, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash
Programming/Scripting: C, C++, Java, C#, Python, UnrealScript, Actionscript 3.0
Storytelling: Scriptwriting, Stage Direction