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Eye of The Storm

The player accompanies Soap and Price as they sneak through the streets of Prague.

This level featured heavy stealth elements and an oppressive tone inspired by “Children of Men”

This was the first level I scripted for Modern Warfare 3. As such, I learned a lot about what not to do in a level. I designed and scripted all the stealth sections in the level, as well as all the cinematic events.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Delta squad and Price team up to rescue the Russian President. This level’s ending
featured a dramatic escape in which the members of Delta squad sacrifice themselves to save the team.

This level was done at the tail end of the project and had to be scripted in a very short amount of time. I scripted the second half of the level, which includes the dramatic escape at the end.


A cooperative mission where one player has to use turrets to defend the other player as he tries to reach the extraction point.

I wanted to create a gameplay experience where both players have different roles, and assist each other in progressing through the level. I scripted all the gameplay, including the system for the second player manning and switching turrets.

This level took two weeks to script.


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