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Weapons Free
Platform: Call of Duty 4 (PC)

Role: level designer, scripter, builder
Development time: ~3 months (part-time)
Developed: Summer 2009

Weapons Free is a custom single player map for Call of Duty 4. It features several types of gameplay scenarios including: assault, stealth, and close-quarters battles.

This is the first level I created with the Call of Duty 4 Modtools. The map started as a simple parking lot fight which grew as I kept adding different scenarios that I wanted to try. Before I knew it, I had enough content for a full-blown map! I added the story at the last minute, in order to tie everything together.

I focused primarily on the mission scripting and pacing, so the geometry can be a little rough. However, I did spend some time making sure that there was enough detail in the level to navigate properly.

Download the level here:
Download the near-final script: here


Platform: Web, Flash

Role: Designer, Programmer
Team size: 5 people
Developed: Spring 2008

Bandology is a casual MMOG (massively multiplayer online game) about being in a band.

Creating a casual MMOG presents many challenges that would otherwise be non-issues in traditional hardcore online games. Traditional hardcore games benefit and reward players who are able to spend more time playing the game, thereby hurting the chances for casual and hardcore players to play together on a level playing field. One of Bandology's goals is to allow players of all types to play together by allowing for variable time commitment in their play.

The power of online gaming is the ability to play with countless other people all over the world, but in order to interact with these other people, players are required to be online at the same time. Bandology allows groups of players to play cooperatively and collaboratively in a virtual band without having to be online and playing simultaneously.

My role was lead designer for the core puzzle game. It was very important that the puzzle game made you feel like you were playing a musical instrument, so I designed a dynamic music system where each player action would create different musical fills in time with the background music.

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Platform: Web, Flash

Role: Producer, Designer
Team size: 8 people
Client: the Walt Disney Company
Developed: Spring 2007

PuriFIGHTERS is a casual game that teaches kids about the Siemens company and their water treatment division. It is part of a suite of arcade games collaboratively designed by Siemens Corporation, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online, and students at the Entertainment Technology Center. The games offer a fun and exciting look at how Siemens technologies make our lives better.



Mobile Games
Platform: Java, J2ME

Role: Designer, Programmer
Team size: 2 people
Client: Ateneo Java Wireless
Developed: 2004-2005

During undergrad, I created a game engine for mobile phones. This led to the creation of several mobile games that were released in the Philippines under SMART Telecommunications.